Humbi Apps Makes It Easy For Small Businesses

Mobile App Development - Humbi Apps Makes it Easy for Small Businesses

When you build a customized App for your business, the benefits are plentiful. The trouble for most business owners and entrepreneurs, is finding the right developers to build their perfect App while also accommodating their unique requirements. 

The team at Humbi Apps are perfect for just this reason. We build stellar apps to help our clients run their business seamlessly. Here are some of the features that make Humbi Apps stand a class apart.

  1. Piecemeal Approach

Humbi Apps offers a piecemeal project approach model, where the client gets to hand pick the services they require. There is no strict blanket pricing where the client ends up paying for a bunch of services they didn’t even need. Humbi App’s service list covers a wide range of discreet services from something as simple as creating App requirements documents to building and launching an advanced App in the stores from scratch. This unique feature makes them all the more approachable to small businesses without a huge funding. 

  1. Affordable and Flexible Pricing Model

Humbi Apps offers an affordable and flexible pricing model, where the cost and payment terms are tailored to help our clients comfortably build App solutions to solve their business problem. 

  1. Well-Structured Delivery Model 

The delivery process at Humbi Apps is simplified and well defined, making it easy for anyone to understand. At any stage, the client is able to track progress of the project and know where they stand at all times. 

  1. Full Remote Support Model

Humbi Apps offers 100% remote delivery and support options. Which means, you can avail their services from anywhere in the world. With their transparent delivery model, you can rest assured that the App development continues to progress regardless of where you operate from.

  1. Experienced and Empathetic team


The team at Humbi Apps are well versed in all stages of the App development and Launching process. Having first-hand experience in the App workflow, they know the pain-points of the client and are quick to accommodate all client needs. 


  1. Client First Mindset


Their Client-First mentality makes them proactive in terms of meeting client demand and making the process as light on the client as possible. Humbi Apps genuinely values the Client’s success above bringing in more business for themselves. You can expect a personal and customized plan made specially for you, that meets your specific needs. 


  1. Strict Non-Disclosure Agreements

With Humbi Apps, you get top notch security for your information and intellectual property. They have stringent rules in place to make sure your data is your own.

  1. Varied Domain Expertise

Apart from App development, the team at Humbi Apps are experienced in related cluster skills such as SEO, Product Building and Consulting. This, combined with their App expertise sets them apart from others in the market and makes them the obvious choice for your App needs.

  1. Non-Technical Business Owners / Entrepreneurs Friendly

One may have a notion that an App owner needs to be a coder or a tech-savvy individual. This, however, is far from the truth when you work with Humbi Apps. Their team is well experienced in all areas of App Development and Launching. With the assured transparency of processes at Humbi Apps, any business owner with any level of technical knowledge will fit right in.

  1. Freedom to focus on your business 

With the above point in mind, choosing Humbi Apps as your App Development partner lets you focus solely on your business while they take care of developing, launching and maintaining your App, just the way you want it.

With so many businesses going online, even as a small entrepreneur, you stand to gain a lot by creating an online presence for your brand. Humbi Apps aims at making App Development available and affordable to any business, large or small. 

If you have a vision for your App, take the leap of faith. With Humbi Apps at your side, you are sure to soar.

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