Humbi App Builders Makes It Easy For Business Owners Quickly Build And Launch Mobile Apps

Humbi Apps turns business ideas into mobile apps faster and cheaper.

Humbi Apps helps entrepreneurs and other small business owners develop their own apps faster and cheaper than traditional product development methods.

“With our services, non-technical entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world can launch a customized app quickly for their business, tailored for their unique requirements” said co-founder Lakshmi Hari.

As businesses face increased demand to provide services online during the coronavirus pandemic, many small business owners have found that hiring developers to build an app from the ground up is too time-consuming and expensive.

With Humbi Apps’ cost-effective suite of mobile app services, business owners can quickly design a customized app using existing modules for common tasks while streamlining the development process to saving both time and money.

Humbi Apps services include app design, building, testing, and promotion and dedicated maintenance plans for existing mobile apps. It offers an array of services including requirement gathering, design, development, testing and launching new apps into stores. Its team also specializes in helping clients with core business functions like market research, app promotions, pitch deck, proof of concepts, and more.

Serving clients around the world, Humbi Apps has development and consulting centers in India, Dubai, Singapore and the U.S. with headquarters in Irvine, California.

“Unlike app development companies with complicated contracts, we have an “à la carte” approach to projects that allow clients to choose only those services that they need,” added Lakshmi Hari. “With an experienced team, Humbi Apps provides robust applications at an affordable cost.”

About Humbi Apps: 

Founded in 2019, Humbi Apps helps small business owners quickly turn their ideas into mobile apps through an innovative process that saves time and money. The Irvine, Calif.-based business specializes in building mobile apps for online stores, marketplace apps, video calling apps, chat apps and apps to solve custom business requirements. With its efficient app development approach, Humbi Apps makes it easier for entrepreneurs and small business owners without a technical background to create their own apps. To learn more about Humbi Apps, visit

Humbi Apps is an end-to-end mobile apps service company focused on providing customized mobile solutions for small businesses and budding entrepreneurs.

Our Mission: 

We are on a mission to make mobile app building faster, affordable and accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. Our unique piecemeal approach allows our clients to hand pick individual services, saving them precious time and money.

Our Simple Approach: 
Our simple, process oriented services are aimed at helping technical and non-technical clients turn their business ideas and requirements into apps.

Our Services: 
We offer an array of services including requirement gathering, designing, developing, testing, validating and launching the Apps. Our team is also specialized in helping our clients with core business functions like market research, app promotions, pitch deck, proof of concepts etc.

Delivering for clients across the globe, we have our development and consulting centers in India, Dubai, Singapore and USA with our headquarters operating out of Irvine, California.

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